vendredi, décembre 29, 2006

Graffiti Galerie 2

Chilean Street Art: Graffiti Gallery #2

13. Kid Star: Valpo. Taken in the middle of the night on top of one of the cerros (hills) as fog was rolling in. This facade was in the process being demolished.

14. Neck Lift: Valpo.

15. Nose Bite: Santiago, near Quinta Normal.

16. Yard, Ex-Carcel: Valpo. This famous jail was only closed in the mid-90´s but it´s been converted into a cultural art center. Lots of graffiti on the walls around the back.

17. Sinister Eyes that Peek: Ex-Carcel, Valpo.

18. The Wreck: Art piece in the yard at Ex-Carcel, Valpo.

19. Swinging from the Rafters: inside the Ex-Carcel, Valpo. Image captured while the sound system was failing during a circus performance. Notice the cells along the walls.

20. Cerro Allegre Mural Pt.1, Chameleon: Valpo. From a mural on the top of one of Valpo's most beautiful hills.

21. Cerro Allegre Mural Pt.2, Alien Realm: Valpo.

22. Cerro Allegre Mural Pt.3, Pulled Skin Ghost: Valpo

23. Cerro Allegre Mural Pt.4, Wiz: Valpo

24. Mr. Atchoo: Valpo. The girl is right at the top of a long stairway out of view.

25. No Kiero Guerra: Valpo. "I don't want war". Also in the fog, as I was getting farther up on the hill.

26. No A La Guerra De Bush: Valpo.

Be sure to check back on Monday for the third part of this series.
James Hoey - A long-time staff writer for LAS, Jim lives in North Carolina.

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