vendredi, décembre 29, 2006

Grafitti Galerie 3

27. Blanco, Nada: Valpo.

28. Blanco, Nada: Valpo.

29. Part of the Stencil Wave: Santiago. There´s a lot of this style going around, maybe too much in Santiago. For more check out

30. SHHHHHHH!: Castro, Chiloe. This is a sponsored mural on the wall of a grade school in the X Region, far in the south of Chile.

31. The Ennui Of Freedom: Santiago. This image recurs.

32. Valpo Anti-Nazi: Valpo.

33. Contra La Bunny: Valpo. Anti-private education slogan juxtaposed with the mural from a private kindergarten. Public education reform is a big issue in Chile right now.

34. Capitalism that gives until it hurts: Santiago.

35. Justice?: Valpo. Sculpture in front of the government courthouse in Valparaiso. This ideal of Justice, contrary to the classic form, is not blindfolded, and is depicted with the scale of balance at her side, but not in use. Somehow this was slipped past the censors in the 50´s or 60´s, pre-dictatorship and installed directly in front of the main courthouse.

36. Untouched Gargoyle: Santiago. One place the graffiti hasn´t reached.

37. Heads: Santiago. These cartoon heads were imposed upon an older, faded piece.

38. Stick Man Orgy: Santiago.

39. Beat Dog: Santiago.

40. Juntos Podemos Mas: La Isla Negra, home of Pablo Neruda. This photo was taken during a waterside fiesta during the anniversary of Neruda's birthday. People threw sand at each other on the beach as the painter, standing to the right of the mural, was finishing this piece.

41. A Face Of Joy: San Antonio. Memorial, in classic style. Colors rule.